Hello there,

Time flies so quickly here with a lot of things happening every day. It is hard to believe that first month in China is officially behind me. Between my work days, and play days I had a chance to explore a lot from Shanghai, learn about its culture and I have met some wonderful people.

I think this place is brilliant, and I kind of fell in love with the city. My very favourite place so far is Yuyuan garden. This was my first trip in Shanghai (First Shanghai Story) and it just have such a wonderful atmosphere. I have decided to show you a little bit more from the market area, so you can get an idea why I like it so much. You can (or have to) bargain at the market. If you can get off one third of the original price, you are a winner!

A very sweet thing happened this day as well. I was just walking from the metro station to the market, and very cute Chinese couple wanted me to take a picture of them. So of course I did that, and then they started to  ask me all sort of questions, about where I`m from, what am I doing here, so the usual. I realised an HOUR passed when I got really thirsty. But we had great conversation and they were so nice, and told me to go to million places in China, and they would love to visit Slovakia (hah, everybody says that).

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