There are many different reasons why you choose your travelling destination. I have decided to go to Shanghai, because I`ve heard so many wonderful stories from my friends, who spend some time here before me. And I love stories of any kinds. Therefore my expectations were very high, and they are far far exceeded.

China is exactly everything what you hear about it, but you have to live it to believe it. Because some things can`t be put into words.

I have just returned from Beijing where I visited the Great Wall of China. I went to the part called Mutianyu. It takes four hours to hike this part of the wall. I was so happy, and impressed, and grateful the whole time I was there. This is definitely one of the best things I have ever done! I recommend this to everybody! Just think about it, it has such a history, and it is only thing you can see from outer space.

It was built in the middle of 6th century, and it was last restored in 1569 during Ming Dynasty. It is older than famous Badaling section. This part of the great wall is 77 km from Beijing city centre, located in Huairou county. I took a bus from Beijing, which brought me to the village, and then an “illegal” taxi service drove me up to the entrance. When you buy your ticket you have two options. You can either hike through the forest,or take a cable car which will bring you up the hill in 5 minutes, and you can just go straight to the wall. I chosed the option number two.

There were not many tourist, which was positive thing, but there were a loot of stairs. The view of the mountains is spectacular. I have made a few friends on the way from Hong Kong, and we hiked the wall together 🙂

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