First day of the last three days of my trip. It was great actually. I felt inspired, motivated, and by the end also a little sad, but a good sad. Because my awesome summer travel/work trip is almost done, but new exciting things ahead of me.

Today I was invited for a lunch with my boss. At first I thought it will be one of those work lunches you have to go to. But instead I left very motivated and inspired. It`s great meeting with successful people who feel comfortable with the things they do, and they know what they want.

When we finished our lunch and our conversation I went for a walk around Lujiazui Road. This is on the other side of the Huangpu river than the famous walkway on The Bund. I had a chance to have a closer look to the Oriental Pearl Tower which was pretty great.

When I was sitting by the river I realised that next week this time Shanghai will be just a memory. And this thought made me a little bit sad. So I just sat there and appreciated the foggy view in front of me.

IMG_20150816_160529 IMG_20150816_160647 IMG_20150816_160817 IMG_20150816_192324

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