The Imperial Palace which was originally built in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) was a home for The Emperor. The whole name is Purple Forbidden city. Ancient Chinese astronomers believed that the Polaris (purple star) is in the centre of heaven, and the Heavenly Emperor lived in a Purple Palace. Therefore the palace for the Emperor on Earth was called Purple City. It was forbidden to enter without special permission of the Emperor.

The construction of the palace began in 1407 and finished in 1420. After this the capital city was moved from Nanjing to Beijing.

I`m really glad I have seen this place because it was on my list of things I have to do while in China. But I probably would not recommend it. Too many people wants to see this city. It is beautiful, but you can`t really appreciate it, because it is hard to not notice the thousands people around you.

Go, but just if you really, really want to!

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