When living abroad for some time there is one (actually more than one) unwritten rule, and it is to say yes to (almost) everything. Because you should experience as much from the local culture as you can, and make memories which you`ll never forget.

I was invited by my colleagues to spend a day with them and one of their friends. We were little international group, one American, two Chinese and one Slovakian

It was a rainy day but we didn`t care because why should that stop us?

At first we went for a lunch to Uncle5, and ordered tons of food. The only mistake I have done was ordering durian fruit milkshake. Durian is a fruit, which you find everywhere on the street. You know they sell durian from miles and miles away. It smells so bad that it will haunt me in my dreams long after I leave China, ugh.
Then we went to get our feet massaged, because we work hard, and a little bit too much so we definitely needed it. It was awesome! I need to do this at least once a month from now on.

After our feet felt very smooth and relaxed we went to KTV, which is karaoke place, very popular in China. I can`t sing at all unfortunately, but this was so good, that I`m doing it again. Now after I experienced this, it makes me wonder why is karaoke not so popular all around the world? It is so much fun!

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