After a month I think I know my way around Shanghai city centre fairly well. Today I went to the other side of the city to see if there is something different. I was told to go and see Qibao Ancient Town. From my previous post you could see that Shanghai is very modern city with (not so hidden) old parts. Usually these parts of the city are full of people, and it takes a long time to walk through the tiny streets. Qibao town which is around 11 kilometres from the city centre was built during Nothern Song Dynasty (960-1126) and it grew to a prosperous business centre in later years. You can also find Qibao Buddha Temple in the area.

The little shops on the streets sell all sort of souvenirs for tourist, and a lots of food. And some of the food…well…smells. You try not to look like a tourist (which is hard) and keep calm face, but sometimes the smell just surprise you too much.

IMG_20150707_125852 IMG_20150707_211641 IMG_20150707_211905 IMG_20150707_211944 IMG_20150707_212015

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