This definitely deserves an attention. Yesterday after cinema we were feeling a little hungry. We went to “Stranger” which is hot pot restaurant. These kind of restaurants are very popular in China, especially in big cities.

What is hot pot?

It is a hot stock in a metal pot. You can choose which flavour of the stock you like. They put it on the table, and turn the table on. When the stock start simmering, you can cook your own food in it. Usually various kind of meat and vegetable. It is delicious, and kind of fun, because you loose pieces of food in the stock all the time (because we can`t use chopsticks properly…yet).

A lots of people also choose to eat outside, and street chefs cook their food right in front of them, so you have no chance of walking on the pavement after 8 in the evening. It`s very nice atmosphere though. People talk and play music, and you feel like joining them (if you can speak Mandarin, of course).

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