#chinaadventure is #over

I`m sitting in my chair thinking what would be the best post on my very last day in Shanghai, when these two housekeeping ladies enter my room. They ask me in Chinese if I need anything, and I find myself to understand their question. As you might imagine this doesn`t happen very often.

Just for the record I was living in the hotel for the past three months. Which was pretty cool. I could eat in hotel restaurants, had my clothes washed for me, and slept in the most comfortable bed in a air-conditioned room.

Yesterday I went for a last lunch with my colleagues. Every time I leave some place people give me the same promises. They will come to visit me, and we will stay in touch. And I promise them the same thing. It makes us feel better, because nobody really wants to say, or even think about the fact that this is probably the last time we`re having lunch together, and when I leave it will probably be the last time we speak face to face. Deep down we wish it would be different, but it never is. In a first months after I return we will exchange a few messages but it will soon end.

I hate goodbyes. But they are inevitable. Especially when we travel. We meet, we make wonderful memories together, and then we move on. It is necessary to get used to it if you can, and not think about it too much. These memories we have, connect us forever.

Now let`s go and pack!

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