If you happen to be in Shanghai you have to go to Tianzifang. You might think it is just another market. But it`s not. This place has an atmosphere. It transformed itself very recently from residential buildings known as  “shikumen” which literary means stone doors houses, to place were the “cool kids” hang out. It`s full of little craft shops, art galleries, design studious, and of course, little trendy restaurants, bars and caffees where you can get the most amazing foods.

It`s located in Dapuqiao district also known as Taikan Road. It was build as an expansion of French concession architecture. In 1998 Chen Yifei who was contemporary artist saw two abandoned factory buildings, and turned them into his own craft shops, and oil painting shops. It is definitely “the place” to see. It has very widely atmosphere. If you feel a bit lonely on your travels you can come here and meet up with people from all around the world. Everybody is just so relaxed and genuinely happy to talk.

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