I thought that starting summer with holidays by the sea would be perfect idea. So I didn’t think twice when an invitation for yoga retreat in Croatia came.

I always wanted to do yoga actively but I always found some excuses. So this was perfect opportunity to find out more about it. We spent one week in Prana Yoga house in Crikvenica. Oh, what an amazing week it was. We had three yoga teachers, and all of them were very different. Not just different style of teaching yoga, but also very different personalities. However they had one thing in common. I could feel such a positive energy from them all. I mean when they came into the room I felt so comfortable in their company. It’s the magic some people have, that you constantly feel like they have been your friends forever, and you don’t even have to know them for that long.


We also met directly with the owner of Prana Yoga house Mirna. She is very sweet lady, who prepared breakfast and dinner for us every single day. The dinner consisted of three vegetarian courses every day. So it must have been a lot of work for her. The food was really delicious. I also have to mention the accommodation: Every room was decorated differently, and it was genuinely very comfortable. Her garden was full of flowers and other weeds, and all together it created very happy environment.

IMG_0769 IMG_0772

We were practicing yoga for 3 hours a day either in the yoga room or by the beach. We created such a positive and relaxed atmosphere between each other that sometimes I really felt like I’m with my family. Most of the time the weather was nice, and the ice cream was so delicious we couldn’t resist it. The sea was super clean, and this time a year the beaches were not that full.


On the international yoga day (21.6.) Mirna organised Kirtan for us by the sea. We watched sunset while listening, and singing songs together with her friends. Sounds idyllic right? Well, it was 🙂


Instead of going to the beach everyday, we also went to the Croatian mountains to the peak called Risnjak. Again it was her who took us there. It was really windy that day but the views were worth it.


I remember my first yoga practice which was about a year ago. I’m only a beginner but back then I don’t remember our teacher saying anything more deeper that just explaining the yoga positions. On this retreat I have learnt so much, and it gave me the urge to go further, and learn more. Many things our teacher says I already do, or try really hard to do them. For example taking people how they are, and try to stay positive as much as possible no matter what happens to me. This has only been a beginning of what I want to do, and what I want to live by.

I went to this trip alone knowing just one of our yoga instructors Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler who I met just once before. I literally had no expectations, and I didn’t have a clue who are the other people attending this retreat. Well I can say that last week will stay in my mind for a long time! So BIG THANKS to everyone involved!



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