Ooh Dublin, if you would be any better than you already are it wouldn’t be fair to the other cities. In my previous article Cities I’m admiring cities, and I mentioned that I always judge them according to the feelings I had when I visited. And Dublin, ooh Dublin gave me so many feels.

This past weekend was super special for me and my cousin, because we went to, well, Dublin. As we both have been to many places before, we usually don’t plan our trips that much anymore. There is no point, because the plans then never work out, and that is really frustrating for me. This time, it all worked itself out perfectly. Like really easy puzzle.

Soon after the arrival we found out that Dublin is very friendly city which connects people. We stayed in Jacobs Inn Hostel which is very nice hostel in the city centre. From there you can pretty much walk everywhere, and there is no need to use public transportation.

HINT: From the airport take a bus 747 to city centre (around 6 euros).

When we arrived to the hostel the man on the reception asked us if we wanted to go on a pubcrawl tonight. I’m not really a party animal so I asked him to give me a reason why we should go. He only said: “Girls, trust me, you really should go.” So we went. And it was absolutely amazing. When we arrived to the meeting point we met some people standing outside. Very soon we found out they are from Alaska. For me and my cousin it was the least expected answer. So we were partying with them until 5am. They were really so much fun. ( And they never heard of forest fruit tea – just an add on ).

We visited 5 pubs all together. The pubcrawl itself officially finishes at 1am, and then it’s just up to you. The guys who are organising it, give you clear instructions, and they give you free shots. So of course they were very popular among the other “crawlers”

The next day I felt like somebody threw me of the cliff. But nevermind because the night before was worth it. We went to visit Google headquarters, because my cousin knew a guy who knew a guy, who is a friend of a guy who works in Google. So good to have all these connections 🙂 He gave us a nice tour around Google, and let us go.

Then we visited a Dublin Christmas flea market. It was huge, soo many stands, but very nice things.

Our last day we joined a free tour around Dublin. When we got the the meeting point we discovered that the same guy who was organising a pubcrawl was doing the tour. So Dublin (or Dublin hostels) really connects people together. It’s really good though, because during the tour we met other travelers from Portugal, who then again spend the whole day with us. And during the tour we even met the Alaskans again from Friday night, who were on their way to discover more of what Ireland has to offer.

It was really incredible, and we were pleasantly surprised with the energy and effort the hostels put together to entertain their guests.

After the tour we went to a Guinness factory with our new friends from Portugal, then we had dinner, and in the evening we went to a pub for live music. The musician was cute, and really good at what he was playing. So it was great end of our weekend.

Also just one more thing about dubliners – I have never experienced this much excitement over Christmas. Almost everybody was wearing christmas jumpers, hats, glasses, and they were singing christmas songs. We loved it.



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