Today I’d like to start with my favourite quote. ” Travel and love: both have capacity to change us, and to live on long after we have returned home or separated our ways.”

To travel is really like being in love. First you’re little nervous about it, then you’re starting to know the first layers, later you get familiar with things, and in the end you learn to love and appreciate the little things. You keep discovering the new, and you can’t get enough of the feeling. Feeling which makes you feel so happy, and nervous in the same time. When days have meaning again, and when you know you must be doing something right.

Today was my first day in Chicago. When I arrived yesterday, I couldn’t believe that I’m actually here, in the U.S. I forgot how great it is to be here again. I heard the accent, and all these memories came back from the first time I visited. It really was great feeling.

It was Christmas holidays a few days before my trip. All I wanted to do was turn off my mobile phone, and enjoy the time with my family. My friend kept asking me to go out for a coffee, but I just took my right to be only with people who know me the best, and where I don’t have to listen to the questions I don’t have answers for.

I was looking forward to going for this trip because I knew I will feel free again. These few first days I can just be by myself, organising my time the way I want to, and just don’t talk or listen to anyone. I don’t have to worry about what people think of me, because it absolutely doesn’t matter, and then I will never see them again. After this I’m going to visit my friend, who is like my sister, and she just understands, so there is nothing to worry about again.

Travel is really the best therapy, even when you don’t need any. To travel, and to see new places, and to feel like a little child because you’re just so happy with everything is the best feeling on this planet. Why I think travel is like love is because the feelings. Like for example today, when I was buying a ticket for a metro to get to the centre. At first I was a little bit nervous because I didn’t know how things work around here, even though I read about everything online. I almost payed 20 dollars instead of 3. But then I figured it out (wasn’t that hard really, just unfamiliar), and I was riding the metro all day long since. Isn’t that the same when you meet the person you like? Hm?

I was walking down the streets, sometimes I got lost, but then I found my way again. Again like love. And when I arrived to the place where I wanted to be, I was so proud of myself, and really happy that because the place didn’t disappointed me.

If I will be lucky enough to travel, and to love for the rest of my life then I really don’t need anything else. I really don’t think there is anything better than these two things.

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