People, days, moments how great they are! Living right here, right now is the best choice you can make.

Lately I was lucky enough to meet interesting people. Actually it was my New Years resolution: To be more open to meeting new people, and to be less shy to actually get to know somebody new. So maybe that’s why I was so lucky. This year really started great, and I can only look forward to what is coming next. Why my year started great? Because I choose to see things positively, and smile a lot.

People say it’s better to be a realist. I’m asking why would you want to see things just how they are? As a realist, who put us dreamers back to the earth, are you happy? Because I am, almost all the time. Even when I’m having the worst day ever. Because I know that when there will be a good day I will be lucky enough to recognize it. It is important to know that there must be a balance in life, so we can recognize the special moments which are happening to us right now. Because they will never return.

You should be happy with your life because you are the one who is creating it. If you want to achieve something it is really just you who can start doing steps towards it. Nobody will hand it to you. If you’re not happy then try to change it. Remember: nothing changes if nothing changes. It doesn’t have to come straight away, but it will when you’re trying everyday to achieve it.

It is true, sometimes we forget to be grateful for all we have. Sometimes our life is in routine, and we do the same things all the time. But then there is a moment when we have to stop and think if it makes us happy. If yes, then that’s great. But there is no magic to be found in settling – in using only fraction of your heart space.

You will probably never be 100% satisfied and happy in your life, because we always want more. It’s our human nature, and we can’t help it. But there has to be a progress. Sometimes I ask my mum when in life I will finally feel 100% comfortable in my own skin. When I will finally be happy with what I’m doing, how I’m acting. When I will stop worry if I’m nice enough to people, if I’m generous enough, when I will stop to worry if I’m not too selfish, if I should do more with my life…

She says, never :D! Great! She says I should always want more, and just try my best and be myself.

So that’s probably end of my motivational article: Just be yourself, and try your best. Be busy doing things which makes you happy. If you don’t know what that is, then be busy looking for it. Just be busy by doing, searching, making, creating, and always learning.

Have a great rest of the week 🙂

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