You can get to Suomenlinna by ferry from Helsinki. Your journey will take around 10 minutes, and the view from the ferry is very nice.

If you ask anybody who visited Helsinki, they probably have been to this island as well. As we were in the city already, Helsinki – my new favourite city, we took our chance and bought a ticket. It only cost us 6 euros for return ticket. You can use this ticket for inside city transportation as well.

When we got off the ferry, we took different direction as everybody else. Well, because… a lot of people at one place means a lot of noise. We weren’t feeling it that day.

Shutter Island

Me and my friend who was visiting with me, talk a lot when we’re together. As we did this activity suddenly we started to notice things around us. For example some of the buildings looked like from a horror film. Also we came across weird sceneries such as an alone child on a swing, with nobody around. Kind of a horror scene.  The strange vibe we could feel was because of the architecture of the buildings, and its alignment. We made fun that they will not let us leave the island, and it will be just like in Shutter Island with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Short History

Suomenlinna is in a UNESCO World heritage site, and its history is closely tied to the history of Finland and the Baltic Sea. The island is still a home for 800 people. You can tell which are the inhabitants houses by the “no tourists” sign in front of their gardens.

The fortress on the island was built in 18th century, and that is the main reason why people want to visit. Back then Finland belonged to the Kingdom of Sweden and the fortress served as a cornerstone of the eastern defenses. In 19th century Russia decided they would like to have the fortress for themselves. Finland became independent in 1917 and finally they took over Suomenlinna in 1918.

If you’re interested in war history, you can visit small museum. You can try on soldiers rigging. You can also go through trench, and see the small places, where the soldiers had to be for days wearing those heavy clothes.

Hidden places of Suomenlinna

It is a big island, with many hidden places, which are worth to discover. During our exploring we found very nice place by the sea for a little rest. It is a great place to visit, and it’s not all scary. The end of our journey looked a little lost, because we couldn’t find our way back. Fortunately we found a little cute cafe, where the waitress was kind enough to show us the way out.  If you find yourself in Helsinki, then this Island it definitely worth to visit.

Hint – it is a good idea to get a map of Suomenlinna, which we did get after our trip. It shows you all the spots you should see on the island, places where you can eat or go to a toilet.


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