Why you should go to Kansas city, MO

There are really number of reasons. I went to Kansas city because my best friend moved there two years ago. I went to see her in Dec/January this year. It was an unforgettable memory. It’s always good to know a local person who knows all the cool places around the city.

Kansas city is the capital of state Missouri. It has all four seasons, so it’s only up to you which you prefer the most. I went in the winter, when all the lights were up in beautiful part of the city called Country Club Plaza.

Just imagine stepping out off the train where you just spent 7 hours from Chicago, and knowing your best friend is waiting for you by the huge Christmas tree inside the train station. I haven’t seen her for a very long time. I have to admit my heart was jumping out of joy when I saw her!

New Year’s Eve

Another great thing when you know a local is that they will introduce you to their friends. They are usually as cool as your friend, so you don’t have to fear that the conversation will hit the dead end. I spend my NYE with bunch of people I saw for a first time. I really had so much fun! Before the evening we were “baking” pizza rolls with my friend which did not go as planned at all, and we drank wine a sang songs. Just like the old days during uni.

Yes there was alcohol involved a little bit. We played Cards against humanity which was a good laugh. During the game I messed up one MCsomething name and they were laughing at me. So I was like ” Hey, I’m a foreigner here, I have a right to make language mistakes!”

This NYE was totally different from all of the others, and definitely unforgettable. So I’m thinking spending it every year a little differently.

Every visit is different

This wasn’t very typical holidays for me. I slept in my friend’s house the whole time I was visiting. She lives with her fiance, who is very cool guy, and let me stay for the whole two weeks. I consider myself as very low maintenance person. But I don’t have it confirmed by anyone. Maybe I should ask…

My friend had to work everyday so usually in the morning we watched some TV with the fiance before she came home. American TV is fun! They put everything on! If you are really ashamed of something you do when nobody is watching, then If somebody would find out, they would put it on TV, and make fun of it. Just sayin…

Everytime I go to new places I explore, I have busy days, and in the evening my body can’t wait to hit the bed. This was very different. I was so happy, and calm the whole time I was there! I didn’t have to do anything, just hang out, drink occasionally, and see all the beautiful part of the city. I guess that is what you get when you spend your time with your best friend, where you can be just yourself, and don’t have to pretend anything.

Country Club Plaza

I absolutely loved this part of the city. I spend there a few days. I love books so after I took a million pictures of the place I spent my time reading in Barnes & Noble bookstore where they had a little cafe. Sitting by the window, watching the snow, and reading about travel were my best moments from the trip!

We went for the best bbq in the plaza, which was the prettiest during the night with all the lights on.

Country Club Plaza


Yes, I’m one of the people who likes to go to galleries and museums. BUT I really do think they make them more interesting now. If you haven’t been in one in a long time, then give it a try. BUT do your research first. I went to the National WW Museum and Memorial which gave me two things. Interesting exhibition, which was interactive, very well placed, and informative, and a good view of the city.

I also went to Nelson – Atkins Museum of Art which really was super cool. They have different exhibitions from different artist so everybody can find what interest them. I was impressed by exhibition called: “Now I see you” where the artists showed pictures of people who didn’t know they were photographed. A parent saw his naked daughter photographed behind the window of her own apartment. She had no idea. He didn’t want other people to look at his daughter so he bought the picture.

I also loved the outside of the museum. There was a very spacious garden with blanket of snow all around, and big statues. It was just incredible.

Nelson-Atkins Museum


KC is very proud of their beer. Naturally I had to visit the Boulevard Brewing Company, which was a very pleasant way of spending our day. They took us around the company, told us how the delicious fluid is made, and then gave us a sample. How could I ever complain. My personal favourite is Tank 7

Personally I love America. I think it is great country to explore, and travel around. Usually everything works there, americans are nice people, and willing to help you. They also seem very interested about you, which makes you feel more precious. I say listen to all the things that people who have been there tells you. But just remember that you have your own head, and it’s better to have an opinion on something you experienced yourself than based on something others tells you.

Kansas city


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