I created this page because I love to write.

I’m a dreamer who loves to travel.

I like taking pictures but I’m no photographer.

I love to help people.

I love stories of any kinds.

I love yoga.

I love books.

I’m open minded.

My mind is changing a lot.

I love my family. (most of them)

I hate stress.

I love England.

I’m scared.

I listen to people’s opinions.

I’m sarcastic.

I say I don’t like horror films, but they really attract my attention.

Sometimes I don’t listen when I don’t find the topic interesting.

I have to learn.

I love my hometown.

I love to work.

I’m taking chances.

I don’t get the fake eyebrows trend.

I hate small talks.

I love my friends.

I love hilarious autocorrect messages.

I love halloween and christmas.

I like winter more than summer.

My secret celeb crush is Olly Murs.

I actually enjoy rainy days, when I’m not wearing heels.

I like mountains more than beach, but I like swimming in the sea.

I don’t like “doing nothing all day” kind of holidays.

I love to explore.

I like wine and lilies.

I hate gossip.

I’m impatient sometimes.

I love films.

I love english language.

I want to get a tattoo.

I don’t like cycling.

I think Jimmy Fallon is hilarious.

I love superheroes and Harry Potter.

My female crush is Veronica Mars.

I really want to do bungee jumping.

I’d love to do jump out of a plane on my own.

I like rollercoasters.

I’m open to (almost) anything, it just sometimes takes me longer to decide.

I’d love to know more about you too!