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Life can be anything you want it to be

Adventure is exciting, not scary

Why is adventure so scary for us? For everybody? Why people fear to come out of their comfort zone and do the things that really excites them? Things that really make them feel something. Being comfortable is great, and yes it is very convenient. But do we want to live our lives just comfortably? How..

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I can say that cities are my thing. I love to escape to a countryside, mountains and the beach sometimes, but I love cities. I find them full of life, full of events, people, and I like it. Every time I come back from a trip I always think back to remember all the things that..

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# friends

Lately I’ve been spending a lot of time with my friend from childhood, and my friend from school. When I was away I was still in touch with them, but very rarely, and very superficial. At the moment both of them are living the time of their lives, when they seem really happy, and when they’re..

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The mood changes like a seasons

It’s great to feel, how the mood changes with the seasons. For me the best time of the year, are the last four months. It has always been this way. I love autumn, and it’s colours. I love the cold weather and cosy clothes. It seems to me that people are more relaxed (after they..

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Casual Berlin

Germany as a country was never really on my list of TOP places I want to visit. However visiting Berlin has totally changed that. The city has great atmosphere, and there is so much to do and see. Me and my friends went there because I wanted to attend  Wanderlust fest. That was originally the main..

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# yoga girl

Past few weeks I did a lot of thinking about life. I got an interesting job offer, my friend came back from USA, and I started to be worried about my job because England is probably not going to be part of the EU, and summer is already half way through, and I haven’t figured..

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