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# brexit

Firstly I didn’t want to give any opinion on recent BREXIT results in UK, but all the news made me think of it everyday since it happened. Especially when it will directly affect my life, life of my close friends, and life of millions. As many of you know I’ve spent four years living, working and..

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Why I don’t believe hotel reviews

I’m kind of “stay in hotels” traveler, and I don’t usually even think of other forms of accommodation (for short term stays, of course). I stayed in hostels or airbnbs as well, but only when I went with somebody else who suggested it. Maybe it comes from my education background. I’m Hospitality Management kind of..

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Everybody needs a little me time. Although I’m very sociable person, sometimes I just need to be alone. Away from the noise of outside, work, people, and my thoughts. I love Sundays because that is really the only day I allowed myself to do so. I don’t open my mailbox, and I don’t deal with..

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Londýn je môj domov…zatiaľ

Všade dobre, ale doma…dobre tiež. Pre nás cestovateľov je domovom svet. Vieme sa cítiť príjemne a komfortne na viacerých miestach našej zemegule, nie len v našej domovine. Miška je žena ktorá naozaj vie ako si užívať život. Je veľmi pozitívne naladená hádam vždy keď sa stretneme. Má neskutočné plány do života, ktoré človeka naozaj inšpirujú..

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