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I want to dedicate this post to goodbyes. I consider myself as very friendly person who sometimes likes to talk too much. Because of this fact I naturally meet a lot of people, as everybody does. If we look at it realistically we will say goodbye to everyone. I don’t hate many things really. What..

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Chicago in two days

Chicago was never really my dream destination, but when I had a chance to visit I took it. And I did right. There is so much to see. I’ve only stayed for two days, but I filled them up with activities, and I’m going to recommend a few places worth to visit. My original plan..

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Travel is like love

Today I’d like to start with my favourite quote. ” Travel and love: both have capacity to change us, and to live on long after we have returned home or separated our ways.” To travel is really like being in love. First you’re little nervous about it, then you’re starting to know the first layers,..

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